Danish entry: metric conversion

Anyway, back to being in Denmark. My aunt has reluctantly gone back on her offer to buy me a cell phone for my time in Denmark. It’s because I told her that as a journalist, I’m on the phone constantly with people doing interviews. She thought I was only going to use the phone to call my friends once in a while. You see, the cell phone situation in Denmark is crazy. There’s no such thing as “anytime minutes” because every minute is an anytime minute. There are no free weekend, nighttime or mobile to mobile minutes. And each minute costs a lot. That’s why a lot of people here still rely on landlines. So I’m going out and gonna get myself a phone.

Oh and I wanted to explain the comment about why I said Germans were not so nice. Our first flight layover was in Frankfurt and we were stuck at the airport for a few hours. All the employees there seemed really rude, especially these two women at the check-in desk who completely ignored us for 6 minutes so that they could finish their gossip-fest. However, all the Danes at the Danish airports were so nice and really went out of their way to help us.

I kind of understand now why things are so expensive in Denmark. Unlike the U.S., they do not want tips because it is already included in their pay. Also, when you purchase anything, it includes a 25 percent tax. And to them, their goods and services don’t really seem expensive because the minimum wage there is the equivalent of over 20 dollars American. Hell, that’s over twice what I make. Speaking of money conversion, I’m getting better at conversion now. I’ve been thinking in metric terms nows, like how my dorm room is almost 5 kilometers (4 miles) from my university. But ironically, you wanna know what product doesn’t have such a price difference here than from the U.S? Gas.

P.S. I’m currently watching Hannah Montana dubbed in Danish. They even dubbed Billy Ray Cyrus’s singing. The voice actors do a pretty good job, especially on the Disney channel.

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