Regretting my freakout

Okay, so after waking up this morning and realizing I typed out that whole entry last night, I am pretty ashamed. In the past, I’ve been able to handle changes and adapt well (excluding what happened last year with the apartment search, but hey at least I had the excuse that a dead body was found in my back yard), but somehow the whole being alone and not having someone that I could vent to face-to-face really pushed me over the edge.

I realize I haven’t exactly given this place a chance. Except for the part about my dorm being 2 miles from school, every other bad thing I’ve experienced could be fixed, eventually. I mean, I’m not the ideal person for this kind of situation. I’m not always outgoing and I get rather shy around people before I get to know them, but this semester may help me come out of my shell more.

I’m thinking of the positives that I have right now:

– My dorm room is pretty nice. If I get the light fixed, it will be perfect.

– I know how to get to the store that has everything I need, even if it’s a bit far.

– I have Internet access, even if it’s limited and slow.

– I have relatives in Denmark that I could call up for a favor.

– The 2 miles from campus thing could be my excuse to exercise.

So, it’ll be okay. And if not, well, in a few months it’ll be over.

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