I did something amazing today, well by my standards anyway. I took the bus to downtown and then back home, without getting lost. Success! I admit I had a little help. I went to the bus station that Mikkel had told me to, and well I knew it was the right bus stop, but I didn’t know how to read the time chart at the bus at all. Then a girl came by and I asked her for help. She was really friendly and explained how to read the times and showed me what everything on the chart meant.

When we got on the bus, she asked me where I was from and I said, the United States, well specifically San Francisco. She said that she had spent some time there before and really enjoyed it. Then we talked about all the places we’ve been and I told her I was surprised by how nice and helpful random strangers in Denmark are, and that people aren’t never this nice to strangers in the States. (In fact, the few times that random strangers, especially men, have been extra helpful and kind to me in SF were usually when they asked me for sex right afterwards but I didn’t tell her that.) She said that Los Angeles is so different from San Francisco, because people are so much more warm and friendly in San Francisco. That made me laugh inside. People from Los Angeles residents are not very nice and I should know, some of them are my relatives. I then introduced myself and we found out we practically live a few buildings away from each other, and so she asked me if I had Facebook and I gave her my contact information. That was a nice experience. You’d never find that kind of instant trust in the U.S., especially from a girl, that’s for sure.

After I got off the bus, I went to see my fellow SFSU buddy, Lisanne. We walked around downtown, but every shop except for the bars and eateries, were closed. Closed on a Sunday. Then we went home, and I figured out how to take the right bus home. The nice thing about Denmark is that they have a pretty extensive bus system, kind of similar to San Francisco, so you could practically get everywhere on a bus. That is, if you understand the map and language and all that.

I fixed my room up a little bit. I was so sick of the dark space where my closet is, and I found the solution. Since I don’t really use the desk lamp anyway, I ripped it out of the table (yes, ripped it, but it could be repaired) and using a toilet paper roll as sort of a vise, propped it up in my closet area. So now it’s a little better. And I admit, even though the dorm room is 2 miles from campus, it is a really, really nice room. I get everything in that room that I really need, and there is so much space. I also love that my room faces a large, sliding glass door that opens out onto the yard. It’s quite a beautiful room.

This is a picture of it by the way:

Doesn’t it look like right out of an art film? I mean, if you excuse the clutter of my luggage contents.

I’ve also been making lots of trips to the grocery store. I embarrassed myself a few times because I’m still not used to the money here yet. Plus, I get kind of confused about how much things cost, because some prices are not clearly labeled or the descriptions don’t match the price tags at all. But after a few trips, I discovered lots of really good bargains and if I don’t eat out, food prices won’t really be an issue.

So in a way, success!

Now, tomorrow is my first day of school. And, I’m really nervous about a couple of things. The first thing is all the reporting assignments, of course. I’m still unsure about how I’m going to accomplish everything. The second thing is fitting in. I haven’t worried about fitting in since high school. But for some reason, being in a large group that I spend all of my time with, I really hope I get along with everyone. They already seem too cool for me.

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