“You’re from America? Why are you not white?”

I finally got my Internet back. My real Internet, not the wireless signal I’ve been piggybacking. 

So I just completed my first two days of school. Everyone was pretty nice and outgoing. Some people took longer to warm up to, but in the end, I really am excited about this group of people. There are people in this program from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Lithuania, Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway, and more.

One thing that I’m really annoyed at is that there are still some ignorant people out there. In the past 2 days, I’ve heard THREE comments about my nationality. Even though, I’ve been getting comments like that my whole life, they still hurt me. The comment I’m talking about is that the fact that some people still question whether I am an American. Like they would ask where I’m from. And I would say, “the U.S.” And then they would naturally assume that I’m not from the U.S. 

Them: Where are you from?

Me: The U.S., well, specifically San Francisco.

Them: Well, where were you before the U.S.?

And you know, it’s probably obvious what they’re getting at: “You’re from America? Why are you not white?!” Yes, because I don’t look white enough, they automatically assume I can’t really be American. And these comments are not coming from horrible people. They come from nice people with good intentions. But it still stings.

Besides that, I think I had a good time. I made a few good friends and we went exploring the city today, including this place right near the ocean called the StudentHouse (StudentHaus?) that is basically a club/bar for students to meet people and get wasted. It also holds activities and a few of the other students and I have already made plans to attend some of them. 

I have a lot more to write, but it’s getting late here and I need to sleep.

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