Denmark is now officially AWESOME!

Today was an awesome day. I am loving Denmark more and more each day.

We got to class today and our video teacher said we had an assignment. We had to form groups and received five hours to go out and shoot enough film to make a 2-minute documentary about something that we find strange in Denmark. My group included Marcos and Jerram and we decided to do it on how expensive things are in this country. So we went all over downtown and made a short film showing how far 300 Kroner really goes in this country. Jerram and Marcos were really good. Jerram did the voice-over and hosting, Marcos did the people-on-the-street interviewing, and I had the easy job of just going to shops and saying to the camera that 300 Kroner could buy you this and that. I’m kinda disappointed because I get extremely nervous when there’s a camera on me, so I kept screwing up my lines or making weird, stupid faces. So I really dragged my team down on that one. Jerram, on the other hand, could practically get a job on TV already with the kind of work he did today.

Then we had cultural night. Basically each country has to make up a presentation or skit about their country. We Americans were the largest group (we had 9 people) and we decided to put on a skit about a road trip through our country. Aaron played the traveler and the rest of us had to represent a state or city. It was hilarious. Katie was assigned Texas, and she came out with a football and baseball cap and a heavy Texan accent, screaming, “Go Bush! Y’all don’t mess with Texas!” Theresa represented San Francisco and she played a pot-smoking homeless hippie who was mad that Aaron wasn’t driving a hybrid. Lisanne represented Washington DC and was all, “Here in DC, we make laws and we break laws! I did not have sexual relations with that woman! Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!” Andrea represented Alabama and came out with a thick southern accent, and acted like the warm “Apple pie” kind of woman (we talked about representing a hick at one point). David represented Southern California by skateboarding around while we sang “Sk8er Boi” (ick, yes we know.) I was assigned Hawaii (for obvious reasons) even though I know almost nothing about Hawaii. I also pointed out that you can’t actually take a road trip to Hawaii, so we incorporated a sequence where Aaron crashes the car and dreams that he was in Hawaii. I came out doing the Hula and said “Aloha” and “Want some Mahi Mahi?” because that’s pretty much all I know about Hawaii. They liked my hula dance, but probably because it was so silly. Also, Aaron made a Hawaiian grass skirt for me out of toilet paper.

But there’s one thing about the school that is really funny to me and some Americans would be jealous. We are offered free beer constantly. In fact, I think our university is sponsored by Tuborg Beer because we keep getting them. (In my profile picture, that’s free Tuborg Beer I’m drinking.) Tonight, for our cultural night, the headmistress at our school brought a huge keg of Tuborg Beer for us. I don’t generally drink much, but I could get used to this. Tuborg tastes really, really good. Tonight actually I downed a bunch of beer just to do the hula. Oh and because the drinking age in this country is 16, no one ever gets carded.

But yeah, I am totally loving Denmark now.

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