The Tennesee girls and Danish government

I’ve been hanging out with the Tennesse girls again. In fact, I’m becoming quite close with them. How did this happen, you might ask?

There are already cliques forming. There are three types of groups in our social group: those who don’t do anything for fun, those who have fun by partying and getting wasted often, and those who have fun by traveling and seeing the sights. I’m in the latter group and these two girls are too. Tonight we went to dinner and then had a wonderful walk downtown. Arhus has a wonderful canal that runs through the middle of downtown and has restaurants on both sides:

Andrea actually showed me the night-vision option that helped capture this shot:

Here are Katie and Andrea:

It’s kind of interesting how I haven’t hung out much with other San Franciscans.

Now that I’ve discovered how to travel around on the Arhus bus system, I’m having a blast. If I only knew the language, it would be perfect here. In many ways, Arhus reminds me of San Francisco: the weather, the bus system, the city’s ease to walk or bike, and the large shopping area downtown.

In our classes, we have also been learning a lot about Danish government and politics. It’s kind of amazing how the system works here. I mean, there are so many social programs, including free college and free health care, that are all paid by an income tax that is at least 50 percent. And people are willing to do that. And some people in Denmark even want to push the country further into socialism. I’m just really amazed that the system works here. In the U.S., a socialist society would never work, especially because Americans are typically a needy and greedy bunch. I mean, my main argument against socialism has always been that if everyone contributes all their money and the money in turn gets distributed evenly, what’s to stop people from working less and less while letting others work harder? As far as I can see, the only incentive the Danes have for implementing this kind of system is out of the goodness of their heart. Like I said, Americans could never adopt this kind of system and I’m not sure if it’s our greed that led us to be a capitalistic society, or if it’s our capitalistic society that has made us greedy.

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