Crazy, scary and amazing days in Denmark

My class right now is going crazy. In this international semester, it’s not like the typical semester where you have five classes at once that last through the whole semester. In this program, I have five classes and each one lasts three weeks and then you move onto the next. My current teacher is crazy and pretty mean. He shouts at us all the time like we’re in the military. I wouldn’t be surprised if a piece of schrapnel is still lodged in his brain. And our assignments are so outrageous. I’ve had to skip lunch the past 3 days because I didn’t have time. For example, yesterday, he told us to pair up and then gave us 48 hours to go out and report two text stories and produce a news video. I was seriously freaking out. I mean, who assigns that much under such a strict deadline? Luckily I got paired with a Dane named Morten and we banged out a lot of work.  He is a fantastic partner. And though we sometimes disagree on stuff, it’s very easy for us to compromise. He’s even more of a perfectionist than I am. And the fact that he speaks Danish, well that’s the icing on the cake. It’s kinda creepy sometimes how eerily we work alike. Like this past week we were discussing what we found wrong and right with other groups’ articles and videos, and we matched each other exactly thought for thought. The only journalistic differences we have I think come from our different education and media rules.

Our main story and video are about this new waste system in the city that is stored underground, which is pretty cool. We did have a couple of disagreements, but I’m learning to just bite my tongue sometimes and compromise. And in some cases, he turned out to be right, so I can be kind of a stubborn idiot.

Here are some shots of us walking through the park this morning after leaving his place, and that is him with the bike. The park is so amazing:

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