Call me Kobenhavn Kory!

I spent last week in Copenhagen, or as the Danes spell it, Kobenhavn. The Danes sure love words that start with “Ko.” (picture me smirking). I had a couple of stories to write, and a video to shoot. I’m pretty pleased with my text stories, but my video is crap, because I don’t have the face or voice for TV I guess.

Here are a few highlights.

This is the hostel I stayed at. I’ve never been in a hostel before, but always pictured them as one of those big dark warehouses with a thousand dirty beds like in French films. This place was not too shabby, but it did smell, and I felt kind of icky being where a thousand other bodies have been before, especially when they gave us ratty old linens from the floor of their closet (which we paid extra for).

Here is the “Wall Street” of Copenhagen:

This is the canal right near our hostel on our first day. There are many canals in Denmark and this is one of the most beautiful I think.

Notice how this poor swan’s leg was tagged. Wasn’t the only one.

Here is me on top of the world:

Later that night on our first day, a small group of us went to the big famous park in Copenhagen for an outdoor movie at night. We watched “No Country For Old Men” which was very disturbing and its plot offered no justification for anything. It was just like a drive-in, except we were sitting on the grass.

Here are some pictures of us on the ferry from Arhus to Copenhagen. Denmark is made up of several islands so boating or airplaning is required.

These are pictures of the city at night. Unlike Arhus, Copenhagen was absolutely made for tourists. That’s Jerram and Marcus featured in the pics.

Here’s a cool tower:

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