Second Day in Vietnam: In Pictures!

This is the tale of my second day in Vietnam.

I woke up to the beautiful light seeping through my curtains:

We really lucked out and found a wonderful hotel. It’s not in the best neighborhood, but inside it is very modern and beautiful, with a flat screen TV, free wifi, and a huge bathroom. And it only costs about $25 a day.

We woke up pretty early and started walking around the nearby streets.

Yes, that store says “Phone New” next to a backwards Apple logo. From far away (and some obstructions), I first thought it had said “Honey Dew” which would’ve been way more funnier, you know, due to them both being fruits…get it? Never mind.

Here are some more shots of random street scenes just in case you didn’t feel I had included enough:

Food for sale:

I really liked how each of these vendors have different fruit in a different color, reminds me of the first iMac days:

Then we went to eat this, which for me, my brother, my mom and her friend together cost us less than $10 USD:

Afterwards we went to an outdoor bazaar/street market where merchants hawked their wares. I don’t know about you, but I really like these stereotypical colorful market scenes:

My favorite color in the world, GREEEEEN! (and some yellow). I bow down to this seller’s superior talent/power of color coordination:

Then we went on a 15-minute hunt of some snack chips my brother had tasted at the hotel and demanded more of, but it wasn’t very visually interesting so I didn’t take any pictures.

However, what we found next were one of my favorite foods in the world, Asian sausages (yes, har har, get all your jokes and giggling out now) which are filled with MSG and everything bad that you shouldn’t be eating but would:

Then we bought some coconut juice from this woman, who amazingly still has all her fingers:

Then we skipped back to our hotel and I took these pictures along the way:

My friend, Kevin, made this comment about the above photo, which I found funny: “I see the construction people in Vietnam are the same as the USA. One guy works and 6 stand around and watch.”

After that we were picked up by my aunt’s husband’s relatives who took us for moped rides back to their places of residence. We didn’t really do anything there so I didn’t really take any pictures. The best I could do was this:

Then later that evening we went to a birthday party for my mom’s childhood friend’s grandchild.

I normally don’t like to upload/include pictures of people I know, but this was such a Kodak moment: my mom’s childhood friend’s daughter-in-law is helping her son cut the cake that she personally baked for his birthday.

Then we had an enjoyable taxi ride home and I snapped this next picture. The family actually at one point smiled for me, but my stupid camera was not cooperating:

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