Vietnam day 5 and 6: Vung Tau beach town!

I think I’ve written about the weather here before and how hot it is in Ho Chi Minh City. I thought two pairs of jeans and several pairs of shorts would be enough for these few weeks but so far, it’s so hot that I’ve been sweating through them like crazy. And there’s no laundromat so I had to pay $1 USD for each outfit I have the hotel wash for me.

So it was a relief when my aunt’s husband announced he was taking all of us on a two-day trip to the breezy beach resort town of Vung Tau.  Here is what we did:

But first, here’s a picture of me in the way I look and like best— blurry:

And don’t judge my shorts, they’re board shorts.

The first thing we did when we got to the city was find a hotel. There were so many fancy ones, like this:

But they were too expensive, so we stayed in this shi- uh, motel instead:

During the course of our stay, the showerhead broke off (no tub by the way, shower was a hole in the ground), the toilet seat lid wouldn’t stay put, the faucet barely dribbled out water, and one of our beds was missing the covers and pillows. When my mom went to the reception to complain, the management was bitchy and accused us of lying about the missing items just so that we could score more things. Normally, this is the ultimate red flag and we would high tail it out of there, but my aunt’s husband was adamant on paying for the whole party and we didn’t want to make him pay for a more expensive hotel.

We then went to the beach:

I’m not a fishing expert, but, um, I think this guy should maybe go further out to sea:

Like everything else in Vietnam, everything is a way for people to make money.

As soon as we stepped foot on the sand, we were pressured to rent out these seats:

Then the vendors came and sold their wares:

Just what I was looking for, a t-shirt on the beach:

We then went out to eat. Some more food pictures for you:

My aunt’s husband’s family is a real big fan of the above, where you cook the soup on your table with a portable fire or whatever you call it.

Then we all tandem biking, because that’s exactly the kind of fun my aunt’s husband’s family is into:

Everyone else paired up and immediately rode away into the sunset. But my brother and I spent 10 minutes yelling at each other for not pedaling in sync before finally miraculously we were able to get it together and rode 3 to 4 miles down the road and back:

Then we went to watch greyhound racing:

Officially the most worthless minutes of my life. The races last about 1 or 2 minutes each. The rest of the time, they spend doing this:

And then this:

Then we went to eat at this classy restaurant:

Right after I took this picture, I discovered there were loads of tiny ants in my cup:

Then we went back to the beach and shopped at the night street market:

And I don’t know about you, but to me these large shells look really inappropriate:

Then nighty night.

The next day, we woke up right after sunrise and took to the beach again. I love sunrise.

My mom:

Then we went to eat at a fancy seaside restaurant:

So fancy people get to pick your own fish:

Some more food pics:

We then saw this thing and thought, look it’s a cool shuttle up into the mountain:

Turns out, it’s an entrance to a secretive amusement park hidden all the way up in the mountains called Cloud Lake Park. From the ground, you could only see this:

But when we got to the top of the mountain, it was this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And some nice scenery:

And I don’t know about you, but this set of rocks looks really inappropriate:

Anyway, then we took the ride back down and went home:

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