Day 8: Trip to Da Lat, the mountain town of Vietnam

I am going to skip over writing about Day 7 because it was mostly spent getting ready for the trip I took on Day 8.

So anyway, on Day 8, my mom, my brother and I packed our bags and took an almost 8-hour bus ride up into the mountains, to the lovely city of Da Lat. We passed by miles and miles of rural countryside, and yet somehow this countryside was lined with shops. And by shops I’m talking about the businesses these residents run out of their garages. It seems like there’s only one answer on the career assessment tests in this country and that is “shop owner.” (Yes, I made a lame joke. Yes, it’s in poor taste. Yes, well whatever). This is rather sad because I don’t know who the hell shops at all these shops. If they’re counting on vacationing Westerners, I’m sorry, but…location, location, location. Vacationing Westerners (the ones who don’t understand Vietnamese) are going to be on tour buses that will never stop at these areas.

By the time we got there, it was almost evening. Our hotel (and the price) turned out to be amazing.

It’s not always the case here, but for $35 USD a night, we got this:

And the best part:

The one major bad thing about this region is that the ISPs block/censor Facebook and other social network sites. My brother had to perform some hack called a DNS change for us to access Facebook.


Then we took a short trip downtown:

By the way, the best thing about Da Lat is that because it’s located high up in the mountains, it was cool enough for us to break out our winter clothes. Accordingly, all the vendors were selling thick warm counterfeit clothes instead of the usual thin, summery counterfeit ones.

You could get your fill of Dolce and Gabban:

Oh and I realize I haven’t uploaded any of the bowls of Pho I’ve had in Vietnam. Here’s one we had that night in Da Lat:

Stay tuned for the next entry, which might include a lot of awkward family photos.

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