$#!+ people carry on mopeds in Vietnam!

I’d like to take a break from writing day entries to show one of the many colorful activities in Vietnam.

Despite there being (Hyundai, BMW, Toyota) car dealerships everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, most people here can’t afford cars because, well, duh.
So the average person has to depend on mopeds or motorcycles.

And oftentimes, these people will need to carry a large amount of random things and because they can’t rent U-Hauls or rent-a-trucks over here, they end up being creative on their two-wheel rides. I admit that I thought of the idea for these photos a little late, about 12 days into my trip, so I didn’t have much time to gather a lot, but here they are.

The most important cargo that every moped driver/rider carries are their children (and no, this does not count as $#!+, but I thought it was worth showing):

alt text

Aside from that, most of these people have to work.

There’s the restaurant entrepreneur carrying her table on her moped. Work it, girl.

alt text

There’s the paper salesman delivering his supplies:

alt text

There goes the bird pet shop on wheels. An accident would result in a lot of angry beaks. Yikes.

alt text

Below is your balloonist. According to the advanced physics I learned from watching Disney/Pixar’s “Up,” shouldn’t this moped be flying at least 10,000 feet into the air?:

alt text

There’s your typical hardworking courier:

alt text

Your capable construction crew:

alt text

alt text

Notice how he is smoking a cigarette at the same time. Badass.

And I’m glad if I ever need a pane of glass in Vietnam, these two guys are only a hop, skip and 30 mph moped ride away:

alt text

And last, but certainly not carrying the least, is your china shop clerk on a moped. This person is my hero:

alt text

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