Drawin’ and Writin’

Well today was another critique day in my Illustrator class. The past two weeks we’ve been learning a lot about the different types of technical drawing, and our project this time was to do an isometric exploded view of an object. Basically, they’re the kind of drawings you see in your instructions when you’re putting together something. I think our class is getting a lot more comfortable with each other because today the claws really came out. Rrowrrr! The first month of class, most people were too polite to say negative things. Today everyone easily found negative things to say about everyone else’s work. People were nitpicking things left and right. I myself had to catch myself before sounding unnecessarily bitchy about someone else’s project: “I think the biggest issue I have with his work…er, I mean, the thing that could greatly improve his work is if he drew the items truer to scale.”

For the project we had to choose an item from our home that came apart in 3 pieces. Funny enough, it turns out almost the half the class chose a flashlight as their object. I was a bit nervous about this project because we weren’t allowed to “trace” anything. Here is how mine turned out (and yes, this really is a flashlight, get your mind out of the gutter):

Original object (flashlight):

Flashlight drawn with grid:

Finished drawing:

I’ve also been working on some writing, although this time it’s more of a light, cute thing. The Humane Society Silicon Valley asked me to help write descriptions for their silent auction, the more puns the better. I have to fight against my instincts as a journalist to write short, succinct sentences. I’m not that good at  “fluffing things up.” Compared to the ones I saw people write last year, I’m disappointed by how mine turned out. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

They give me this:

Temp Package #14
1) Quarterly flower bouquet delivery from Bloomster’s (Santa Clara County delivery only)
2) Handmade glass platter from NixNax
3) Handmade glass vase from NixNax
4) Handmade glass Champagne set (2 flutes) from NixNax

Temp Package #21
1) Spa Day for your pet at HSSV Grooming: bath, grooming, nails, teeth brushing, anal glands,etc. + seasonal bandanna & collar cover
2) Handmade dog treats, food, and grooming supplies from Curry ‘n’ Pepper

And I churn out this:

Temp Package #14
Rooms in Bloom
Home decor need freshening up? Let the spring in with quarterly flower bouquet delivery from Bloomster’s (Santa Clara County delivery only). NixNax, from Bay Area artist Nicky Painter, will help provide a touch of glass, with a vase, platter and set of two champagne flutes, all beautifully handmade from glass.

Temp Package #21
Paw-suit of Happiness!
Your dog will grin like the Cheshire cat after a Spa-tactular Day at HSSV Grooming that includes bath, grooming, nails, teeth brushing, and more. But the pampering doesn’t end there! Fido gets to take home vegan, homemade treats and earth-friendly grooming supplies from Curry ‘n’ Pepper.

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