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Designing a Logo: the Finished Product

Here are the finished designs. A big mistake I made was doing most of the project on my PC laptop, which distorts some of the colors on my screen. By the time I already PDF-ed the files and printed them out, it was then that I realized my light blues were actually light purple, and my “clients” had wanted blue.

Black and white logo (scaled):

alt text

In color:

alt text

Below was the tricky part, designing the business card. I spent hours rearranging the shapes and designs on the front and back. Originally I encircled the logo with the guitar pick shape, but then I thought, that might make it look too busy and give the logo way too many details.

For the back side, I originally just had a guitar logo on the back or a map, but I thought that would look too much like any other business card. And I thought, the business cards that I usually hold onto are the ones that have a fun design and make a nice keepsake whether I actually patronize the business or not. So I wrote a little thing on the back that I thought was cute.

alt text

Then it was time for the class critique. I thought I would receive good feedback on this one. But no, I’m starting to suspect my classmates have a vendetta against me, haha. My “clients”, the group of students who I was designing a logo for, only liked my backside. They criticized pretty much everything else. They disliked my font/typeface, the color scheme, the fact that the text of my logo was in lowercase, they thought it looked unprofessional.

The saving grace were the comments from my teacher, who has worked as a professional graphic designer and is always candid and doesn’t hold back on opinions. She disagreed with a lot of their comments, and said she liked thought the font/typeface I chose was fun and made the company seem accessible. She said the front side look a bit cluttered and I should play around more with the spacing, which I agree with, and that I should pay attention to whether the design holds up when I scale it to a small size. And she said (to no one in particular): “Sometimes the clients are wrong. As a designer, you can’t please your client 100 percent, sometimes you have to push them to accept ideas that they don’t initially like, because you’re the designer.”

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Designing a Logo – step 2


So after deciding to draw the guitar, and listening to ideas from friends and blog readers, I created some art boards with variations in shapes and sizes and minor details with the strings, to show to Franz:

alt text

Unfortunately, Franz was out sick, so I asked one of his other group partners from Tuneage, Claire, for input instead.

The following week, Franz came back, and after finalizing what I was going to put on the guitar (I added those lines that go across the strings–I don’t know what they’re called), I drew some variations of different sizes in comparison to the text, and the placement of the text. I also played around with the idea of a guitar pick framing the logo. As a project requirement, I had to use some color–blue because it was the group’s color–and because I thought the blue might not show up in the actual guitar or seem too busy-looking when it’s shrunk down to a business card size, I thought the blue could serve as a background for the pick.

alt text

And I drew some ideas for the front and back of the business card. I don’t know, the guitar pick shape might make it look too busy. I’m also thinking about shrinking the guitar pick down so that the text will overlap over the pick and white space.

alt text

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Woot Woot! Stretching my oddly shaped brain muscles

My friend, Mike, sent me a link to a copy editor job listing at Woot. If you’re not familiar with Woot, it’s a company that offers flash sales on brand-name products, but what sets them apart from other companies is that their writing tends to be very funny, silly, weird, absurdist, WTF kind of writing—basically my favorite kind of writing. 

So I clicked on the link, and they asked people to “audition” by replying to their blog post. Honestly I don’t know if this job even exists because it’s not on their main jobs page, and the listing was posted on April Fools day. But I decided to jump in anyway.

Here is their original post:

Its a sad day hear at Woot. It seems our deer copy editor had some sort of psychotic brake yesterday and won’t be returning. We found him sititing behind his desk, mumbling something abou to, two and too … or maybe tutus, were not really shure. We just held and rocked him for a while, shushed him and said “their they’re” until they came and took him away. Its to bad. We really licked that guy. And through hell always be in our hearts, we must move one.

Good knews for you, thought! WHERE HIGHERING!

At first it took us some time to except that we really do need a editor. We consider ourselfs professionals, you no? But we realize we arnt perfect. And as hard ass we try, we make alot of mistakes. Like, a HOLE LOT of mistakes. So we really knead a person with a good “I” for detail and alot of pashunts. pashents patients.

Any way, check out the official job posting here. Think your the one for the job? Proove it. We’ll be taking auditions in the forums. You can start bye editing this blog poste.

God luck!”


I looked around to see how others had responded. Some people took it literally and just edited the post for grammatical and spelling errors. Some people edited one single word as a joke. Others replaced a word or two here and there for comedic purposes. I decided to edit it for mistakes and then rewrite or add random sentences right into the post. Here is my submission:

“It’s a sad day here at Woot. it seems our dear cop/editor/tea-leaf reader had some sort of psychotic breakfast yesterday and won’t be returning. We found him sitting behind his desk, mumbling something about “to, two and too” … or maybe t.A.T.u’s new tattooed tutus, we’re really not sure. We just held and rocked him for a while, shushed him and said “Your benefits will be cut soon” until they came and took him away. It’s too bad. We really liked that guy’s Facebook posts. And though he’ll always be in our hearts, he won’t be on our payroll starting Monday.

Good news for you, though! We’re hiring! (No, not really. We already hired Jeremiah, who is the brother of our administrative assistant’s babysitter’s high school principal’s parole officer’s slacker uncle.)

At first it took us some time to accept that we really do need an editor…and a bigger coffee table to hide that stain Barbara left behind when she spilled her whisky and didn’t think we noticed. We consider ourselves professionals, you know? But we realize we aren’t perfect. And as hard as we try, we make a lot of misinformed decisions in life. So we really need a person who has an eye for detail and a lot of passes to amusement parks because we really like amusement parks, especially Disney’s California Adventure.

Anyway, check out the official job posting here. Think you’re the one for the job? Prove it. We’ll be taking auditions in the forums. You can start by editing this blog post.

Goodest of luck!”


Again, I don’t even know if this job is real or not. I guess I’ll send an e-mail about it today. If it turns out to be just an April Fools joke, oh well, at least it gave me a chance to stretch my oddly-shaped brain muscles.


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