Designing a Logo – step 2


So after deciding to draw the guitar, and listening to ideas from friends and blog readers, I created some art boards with variations in shapes and sizes and minor details with the strings, to show to Franz:

alt text

Unfortunately, Franz was out sick, so I asked one of his other group partners from Tuneage, Claire, for input instead.

The following week, Franz came back, and after finalizing what I was going to put on the guitar (I added those lines that go across the strings–I don’t know what they’re called), I drew some variations of different sizes in comparison to the text, and the placement of the text. I also played around with the idea of a guitar pick framing the logo. As a project requirement, I had to use some color–blue because it was the group’s color–and because I thought the blue might not show up in the actual guitar or seem too busy-looking when it’s shrunk down to a business card size, I thought the blue could serve as a background for the pick.

alt text

And I drew some ideas for the front and back of the business card. I don’t know, the guitar pick shape might make it look too busy. I’m also thinking about shrinking the guitar pick down so that the text will overlap over the pick and white space.

alt text

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